Game Design – The Beginnings

I’ve decided I want to start to try & design a dungeon crawling card game. I’m going to use this place to document my development of my ideas.


  • 1-2 decks worth of cards
  • Card Ideas
    • Characters / Heroes
    • Quests
    • Dungeon tiles
    • Rewards / Challenges / ???


Card Breakdown

  • Dungeon Tiles – Each card will be a dungeon ‘piece’. Corridor, room, etc. Each should have between 1 & 4 entrances/exits (max of 1 per side). Each tile can have some sort of ‘challenge’. Each card’s details need to fit on the card.
  • Quests – Party quests / Individual PC quests – this should help to keep the replay-ability up. Start with main objective. Each hero has personal objective?
  • Heroes – Physical Might, Magical Power, Life, ability to level up, abilities? treasure (# of random starting treasures)


Party design. Non-competitive. # of players (1-4)